CircularFlow is a new helper available in ConstraintLayout 2.1 beta 1

Before starting

I would like to recommend to read this documentation about circular references in ConstraintLayout.

What are the helpers?

ConstraintLayout 2.0 presents two new helpers with different purposes; Flow is a combination of Chain and Group that help us to chain the views with dynamic size at runtime. Layer is another helper that helps us when applying transformations such as rotation, translate or scaling multiple views.

What’s CircularFlow?

CircularFlow is a new helper that I have added to ConstraintLayout library (2.1 beta 1) that will help us to resolve circular references easily, it also reduces our lines of code in layouts.

Can I use it in MotionLayout?

Yes, of course 🙂

Carousel es un MotionHelper que nos ayuda a mover vistas en forma de carrusel fácilmente.

Tercer post sobre MotionLayout, puedes leer el primer articulo aquí:
Tinder MotionLayout , y el segundo aquí: Circular carousel with MotionLayout.

Este post tiene algo especial para mí, ya que voy a mostrarles uno de mis helpers favoritos de la librería. Y ademas, es donde he metido algunas lineas de código para agregar un feature que mas adelante les mostraré.

En este caso, vamos a ir armando paso a paso el siguiente carrusel:

How create a circular carousel of cards with MotionLayout version beta8.

Continuing with a series of several MotionLayout posts that I will be releasing in the coming weeks, this is the second of the complete saga of IV articles (you can see the first one here).

In this case, we will work together step by step to reach this final result:

How create a similar gestures to Tinder App with Motion Layout version beta6.

As an Android Developer for 3 years I have been using ConstraintLayout and all its benefits. Since Google I/O 2019 I have been playing with its evolution called Motion Layout by Nicolas Roard and John Hoford.
MotionLayout is a subclass of ConstraintLayout with a lot of Nitro 🚀 to make really incredible animations in a very simple way.

In this post we will be putting together an animation similar to that of the Tinder App, where you can play with a swipe to the right or left according to your taste.

First of all, definitions from Nicolas Roard:

You can…

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